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Smooches! I am Violet Void, and True Poison is the name I have given to  my work. It's TRUE because it is from the heart. It's POISON because I  hope you'll find it drop dead gorgeous! I take great pride in providing  beautiful things for those who strive to rise above the mundane, the  corporate, and the predictable. I enjoy all sorts of genres, including  nautical, abstract, sci-fi, horror, rockabilly/psychobilly, punk, goth,  steampunk/industrial, metal, post-impressionist, pin-up, and lowbrow hot  rod to name a few. My mind is pretty wide open to exciting new suggestions, so custom items can be arranged depending on your needs. To see my latest sale items follow me on social media...links are provided at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions, you can contact  me directly at TruePoison@verizon.net. Credit cards or PayPal accepted.

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